Who we are

INTEXO is a consultancy company which aids the healthcare sector’s Companies by supporting their Regulatory Affairs and Patient Access functions with its experience and in-depth knowledge of the business dynamics and needs.

Our core value is the integration of science, regulatory processes and market dynamics, in order to accompany the product throughout its entire life cycle, anticipating the context and seizing the opportunities at any stage of development.

The company consists of a team of experts with a wide range of professional backgrounds in business and institutional contexts, backed by a network of external consultants and selected partners.

INTEXO integrates experience and skills with a dynamic and innovative approach..


Pharma Unit
Medical Devices, Food, Cosmetics and Biocides Unit
Patient Access Unit
Information & Educational Unit
Human Resources, Compliance & Quality

Basile Mariagrazia
Mariagrazia Basile

Regulatory Affairs Senior Specialist

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Basile Mariagrazia
Claudia Bertozzi

Head of Information & Educational Unit
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Lorè Rosalba
Loredana Bretti

Regulatory and Legislative Monitoring

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Pietro Caiazza
Pietro Caiazza

Head of Medical Devices, Food, Cosmetics and Biocides Unit
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Pietro Caiazza
Giovanni Callegaro

Operational & Technical Support

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Paola Turella
Laura Candelora

Market Access Specialist

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Cocciolo Raffaella
Raffaella Cocciolo

Head of Regulatory Compliance and Procedures – Pharma Unit

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Cocciolo Raffaella
Graziella Di Giacomo

Head of Regulatory Compliance and Procedures – Pharma Unit

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Martina Ferrara
Martina Ferrara


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Silvia Fornicoli
Maria Cristina Greco

Regulatory Affairs Officer

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Innocenti Federica
Federica Innocenti

Head of Life Cycle & Post-marketing Surveillance – Pharma Unit

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Intino Francesca
Francesca Intino

Food Regulatory Affairs Senior Specialist

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Elisa Elena Mariano
Elisa Elena Mariano

Patient Access Specialist

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Menichini Romina
Romina Menichini

Food/Medical Devices/Cosmetics/
Pharma Certification & Legalization Officer

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Menichini Romina
Ekaterina Molchanova

Market Access Specialist

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Menichini Romina
Cecilia Morsilli

Regulatory Affairs Officer – Medical Devices and Fooder

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Orlando Cecilia
Riccardo Nescatelli

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

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Orlando Cecilia
Cecilia Orlando

Human Resources, Compliance & Quality Responsible

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Intino Francesca
Valeria Picece

Regulatory Affairs & Pharmacovigilance Officer

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Prada Mariangela
Mariangela Prada

Head of Patient Access Unit

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Proietti Barbara
Barbara Proietti

Pricing and Negotiation Senior Specialist

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Paola Turella
Paola Turella

Head of pre-submission Analysis and Strategy – Pharma Unit
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Third-party Contractors

Dott.ssa L. Gramiccioni – Development and Coordination Medical Devices Courses
Dott. G. De Carli – Pharmacovigilance Expert