A change of perspective
from Market Access to Patient Access

Access to a drug or treatments depends on a complex
set of activities and procedures involving a number of
different players (scientists, official Regulators, Companies,
patients) and combining regulatory procedures, scientific
and pharma-economic assessments, data analysis,
communication and patient information. Though the
process as a whole has just one purpose – patient
protection – these individual players are stakeholders
whose different interests can sometimes come into conflict.
When such differences become paramount the goal
of “best treatment” is missed.

intexo intreccio nuovo paradigma paziente cura

Our objective is to give back centrality to patient by working to ensure an early access, appropriate and sustainable, to drugs or therapies. To achieve this we promote a new kind of dialogue among companies, Regulators, clinicians and patients, with a view to drawing up a new paradigm for access to treatment.